Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wed, 9/23 - Extended Batwa Family

We saw almost 4 generations (3rd generation was heavily pregnant) living here. They had a sleeping hut as well as a cooking hut. I loved listening to them talk and watch how they interacted with us. Oh...and almost forgot - when we came up to their home they had the radio blasting. You won't believe the song they were listening to......Poker Face!!! I almost died. I just couldn't believe that all the way here in Uganda, half way across the world, this family was listening to the very same music that I hear on the radio everyday. It was surreal. They listen to our music - but how incredibly different our lives are. If they only knew....

I love this series of photos. I feel so lucky that this family was open and let us stay a while, chat, interview and photograph them.

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