Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm going to Uganda

At the end of August I was talking with Scott about going to Mozambique this November. He and I were planning on going with Africa Impact for 3 weeks and volunteering. After discussing it again at length, he decided that he would rather go when he was in 8th grade.

This opened up a new opportunity for me! Several other of the board members from TOUCH Uganda (http://www.touchuganda.org/) were already booked to go to Bwindi to see to the pediatric unit that we helped to pay for. Their trip was planned for Sept 19 - 29.

But my only problem was getting a visa in time as I needed my passport for a quick business trip to Switzerland from Sept 9-14.

I did it - managed to get the visa (many thanks to CIBT), book my flights (thank you Peggy!) and as I already have had all my shots etc it was just a question of getting the Malarone (thank you Jerry!).

As I was so focussed on my Swiss trip, Sheila has been working like crazy to get our trip all planned. She has organized drivers, tents, lodges, hotels etc. She has been amazing. If it weren't for Sheila, I know I wouldn't be able to go! Thank you Sheila.

I'm now back at home and can now focus on this trip.

On the agenda today is to:
  • pick up my Tanzanian phone (because I can just buy a Ugandan SIM card)
  • pick my binoculars
  • get Malarone from Fletcher Allen
  • start this blog

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