Sunday, September 20, 2009

Finally have access and time to write....

This has been been the most incredible trip.... I will write a short entry and fill in later with many more details and photos.

We arrived here in Bwindi late on Monday night. We had left Entebbe at 7 in the morning, picked up Dr. Paul Williams on the way and drove to Bwindi! On the way we stopped for lunch, and just soaked in all there was to see. We even had out own private safari seeing about 30 elephants on the way down (there were even a couple on the road).

Uganda and it's people are beautiful.

We unloaded our 8 bags (6 of which were on the roof rack under a tarp) and got settled into our tents. Sheila and I are sharing a military style tent with 2 beds - a zipper door on both sides, a "powder room" with a sink and shelving at the back that is open and then a bucket latrine to the right and a shower to the right - will explain those in more detail later). We do have one light above us - but head torches are the way to go.

We then sat down to a delicious dinner (talapia) and finally got to bed!! That first night I was very aware of all the sounds around us, expecially as I really had no idea where our tent was located. I heard people all night, motorcycles, birds, owls, etc etc.

Up early on Tuesday to go gorilla trekking. We left in the dark and as the sun rose we could finally see what this area loks like. We couldn't believe how beautiful it is here. The hills, the green, the red soil, the homes, the tea plantations, the colorful clothing dotting the coutryside and of course the rain forest. Breathtaking.

We were lucky and did manage to see about 12 gorillas without having to do an 8 hour trek. They are the most amazing animals - so much like us - there hands, feet, arms, even the muscles in their arms. We even heard a big fight (while we were only standing about 15 feet away) and got to see the Silverback do a chest beating. All pretty exciting stuff!

Back at the tents for showers, a much needed nap and bed!!

Wednesday through Friday we have been at the Bwindi Community Hospital - main reason for being here.

We split up and have spent time in most areas of the hospital. Again, I will go into much more details with all that when I have more time - and it's so much better with photos!!!!

We are all well - and leaving tomorrow to head north to Mweya Lodge in Queen Elizabeth Park for 2 nights before we get back on the plain on Monday night to head home.

I love it here!

As we arrived at night we had no idea what the landscape was like here in Bwindi.

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